25.11. – Međunarodni dan borbe protiv nasilja nad ženama

Međunarodni dan borbe protiv nasilja nad ženama obilježava se 25. studenoga, a taj je datum izabran u spomen na dan smrti sestara Mirabal.

Ove su se dominikanske žene neumorno borile protiv režima Rafaela Trujilla, koji se smatra jednim od najgorih latinoameričkih diktatora. Unatoč tome što im je vlast oduzela imovinu i zatvorila ih u zatvor, sestre Patria, Maria Argentina Minerva i Antonia Maria Teresa, nastavile su pružati otpor i boriti se za povratak demokracije u svoju zemlju, borba koju su ove hrabre, moćne feministkinje platile životom.


Više pročitajte na POVEZNICI.

“November 25th is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – historically the date is based on the 1960 assassination of  the Incredible Mirabal Sisters of the Dominican Republic, political activists in the Dominican Republic.  These Dominican women fought tirelessly against the political regime of Rafael Trujillo, considered one of Latin America’s worst dictators. Despite the leader seizing their property and placing them behind bars, the sisters – PatriaMaría Argentina Minerva and Antonia María Teresa, remained resilient and continued their mission to restore democracy in their country, a battle that ultimately cost these brave, powerful and feminist women their lives.

These much revered ladies are well known here in the DR.  They gave their lives to bring democracy and freedom to their country. School children grow up learning about their sacrifice, and their code name “Las Mariposas” (the butterflies) is a well known symbol around the country.  The Mariposa DR Foundation works to end generational poverty and is founded by members of the Mirabal family and others who work to promote education for girls.  Dominican Republic Properties supports this charity monthly.

To learn more about the sisters, read HERE, or check out the book and/or movie of the same name:  In the Time of the Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez (a founder of the Mariposa DR Foundation).  The movie features Salma Hayek and Mark Anthony.  For another interesting view, you can visit the Mirabal Museum.  Founded by the remaining sister Dede Mirabal, The Mirabal Museo, located on the outskirts of Salcedo, is the second home of the Mirabal family.  The museum displays the family’s personal effects. Alongside Patria’s teacup collection and María Teresa’s embroidery, however, are the artifacts of the sisters’ murder: the shoes, handbags, and papers, as well as the long braid of hair which Dedé cut from María Teresa’s head in the morgue. The juxtaposition of the mundane and the tragic in this museum is very powerful.”

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