New members of the European Women’s Network Against Sexual Violence

During 2018, upon the call of Founding Team, the European Women’s Network Against Sexual Violence was joined by six new organizations that are active in the area of ​​prevention and combating of sexual violence and in providing direct support  to the of ​​survivors of sexual violence.

Below you can find out more about organizations that have joined the European Network.

RCNI Irish national information and resource centre is a specialist information and resource centre on rape and all forms of sexual violence with a proven capacity in strategic leadership. They are the representative, umbrella body for their members Rape Crisis Centres who provide free advice, counselling and support for survivors of sexual abuse. More information about them can be found on ther web ( and Facebook page (

DIXI Ressurssenter for voldtatte i Stavanger –  DIXI Resource Center Against Rape is an easy accessible information and counseling service for all persons who have been victims of rape and/or other sexual forms of violence. They also provide information for health workers, teachers and social services, and they are some of the most known advocates on this field in Norway. More information about their work can be found on their web (  and Facebook page (

Support Centre Against Incest and Sexual Abuse Oslo (SMISO Oslo) is a private self-help organization that offers a range of programs to youth and adults who have been subjected to incest or other form for sexual abuse in their childhood. The Centre works as well with non-offending family members such as caregivers, siblings and partners. In addition to direct work toward the target group, the Centre also carries out preventive work aiming to raise awareness and change behaviors/attitude on sexual assault. Follow their Facebook page ( and find out more about their wwork!

National Psychotrauma Center for Children and Youth is a specialist treatment center for children and their parents or caregivers, hosted in the University Medical Center of Utrecht. They are specialized in the evidence-based treatment of the psychological impact of child sexual abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence, partner killing, and witnessing suicide. You can reach them by telephone 24 hours a day on 0800-0188. More information about them can be found on webpage:

Kvinnefronten (The Women’s Front of Norway) is a radical feminist, member based organization. They work locally, nationally and internationally to fight the economic, sexual, political and cultural oppression of women. Their ultimate goal is the full liberation of women. Kvinnefronten was founded in 1972, and has since worked within several fields and topics, such as the right to safe abortions, the fight against porn and the fight for the Nordic model approach to prostitution (Sexkjøpsloven). Internationally, they have cooperated with a large number of women’s organisations in several different countries, including Tanzania, Afghanistan and India. Visit their website or Facebook page and find out more!

Change Attitude (Sweden) uses culture as a tool to create strong and evocative expressions to raise awareness and increase people’s commitment to initiate mobilization to end sexualized violence. They believe in touching souls to move people to action. They operate globally focusing on creating film, theaters and games to be used by established children’s rights organizations, professionals working with or for children, as well as children and the general public. Their work is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and it’s Optional Protocol on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography. Their vision is a world of zero tolerance for sexualized violence against children.Visit their web page ( or follow them on Facebook ( and find out more information about their work.

In 2019 more new organizations joined the European Network!

Our Voice – Association Helping the Victims and Survivors of Sexual Violence in War was founded on 5th July of 2012. The mission of the association is to confront to the past, to break the “conspiracy of silence” and to promote the value of a democratic civil society such as humanity, nonviolence and tolerance. More information about association can be found on their website and Facebook

Association Bosnia’s Invisible Children – non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization established in 2015 by several enthusiasts – human rights activists and “children born because of war” from Bosnia and Herzegovina, children who remained in the shadow of war, invisible and unrecognized as a vulnerable category of children in the country of their mothers and their biological fathers. The vision of the association is the world in which every child will be accepted and loved, and the mission is to ensure access to education, adequate social protection, psychological support, labour market and access to justice based on understanding and protecting the rights of “children born because of war”. More information about association can be found on their website  and Facebook


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