European womens network against sexual violence

Accomplishments of the EWNASV (selection, in chronological order):


2021 - Advancing organizational development and human resources management of the EWNASV through the EU TACSO Strategic Mentorship Program.

2021 - Social Position, Experiences and Strengths of Women Human Rights Defenders Active in the Field of Sexual Violence

2021 - Opening ofthe official web page of the Regional Journalists’ Network against Sexual Violence which operates within the EWNASV  

2020 - International Conference hosted by the SOS Help-line for Women and Children Victims of Violence from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Title: Two-day International Meeting for Professional Advancement in the Field of Sexual Violence with a Focus on Sexual Violence against Children and Rape; Women Human Rights Defenders Concerned with Sexual Violence United in Regional, European and Trans-Atlantic Co-operation. 

2020 - Developing Policies and Procedures of the EWNASV by its full members.

2020 - Contribution of the European Women's Network against Sexual Violence to the UN SR VAW Thematic Report on Rape. 

2019 - Exhibition “Recovery is Possible” concerned with a Sexual Trauma in Children and Social Position of Women Human Rights Defenders active in the field of Sexual Violence.

2019 - International Conference against Sexual Violence organized by the EWNASV which was held in Belgrade, Serbia, and highly evaluated by over 60 participants coming from 15 countries.

2017-2019: Project “Childminders United Regionally against Sexual Assault” had a large scale of activities run by the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade, Serbia, and financially supported by the Delegation of European Commission to Serbia. Among other activities, it was completed the Training for Trainers (5 modules) which was led by the Incest Trauma Center - Belgrade, Serbia, for EWNASV full members.

2017 - At its very founding in March 2017, our Network was named the Regional Women’s Network against Sexual Violence (aiming to connect organizations working on Sexual Violence issue in the Balkan) but along the time it integrated Western European organizations and there were in total 13 organizations from 10 countries, so it outgrew the regional character. In September 2019, it was officially registered in Zagreb as the independent legal entity and changed officially its name into the EWNASV.

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